Second Android Game “Chem-Quest”

Finally I have got a finished my second game. This one is created without AndEngine.

Most of UI is created in xml layout definition. Graphics is handled by classes that extends android.widget.Button.

In those I override onDraw method to draw graphics elements for all click-able sprites.

About the game

Game is another brain training game. You must collect specific amount of water in two tubes using simple steps : fill tube, pout into another tube and pour out.

It is avaible on GetJar:

Happy gaming!


New Graphics for Remember Me

Lately I was working on graphics for Remember Me. Even if there is only couple of downloads of this Android game I was requested to change graphics to something more light.

This is what I was created using GIMP and Pinta – yes both Linux. I use Linux for Android development now, it works faster than Vista.

As you can see backgroud is changed. Also I added animated colourful clouds as a background of level buttons. There is only 3 levels now EASY, MEDIUM and HARD I decided that other levels did not make any difference.
Finally final compare screen is changed, it is more readable now.

Happy gaming!

First Android game “Remember Me : Characters”

Finally after 2 weeks of learning Android and AndEngine my game is posted to

Memory like game with minimal graphics and simple game play.

I’m Java Developer specialized in Web Application and for me AndEngine was easy to learn. It is best for simple 2D games because most of work is done – manage sprites, scaling, base Activity. Of course most of you already know that it is free Engine.

About the game

“Remember Me: Characters” is “clone” of Memory game. Player must remember shape of letter and draw it on blank canvas.

Game in version 1.0 contains Greek, Cyrillic, Chinese, Armenian, Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Thaana, Thai characters so there is no chance to get bored.

For trainings you can choose 90% of character to be shown, after some training next levels are ready to play for most experienced players there is 0% of hints level.

So if you are interested check it out on GetJar